Why BLOG? here’s why…

Why BLOG? here's why...

I haven’t given much thought on why I gave blogging a shot, I do follow a lot of fashion bloggers and I admire their piece of art, but at one point I asked myself why blog? and alas! my brain and heart answered why not? . For the love of writing and expressing myself and my thoughts I never expected I would enjoy it this much. In these modern times where social media is such a circus that everybody fancy’s attention and even foodporn is acceptable, believing in that inner voice inside you that yes you can write about almost anything and at one point another person can relate to whatever is going inside that brain of yours. Its pretty simple, the rules are never be afraid to try something new, never think that your not good enough to be good enough at something, in this case being a blogger is having the heart to try to inspire the world with your own unique thoughts, its not about blending in but its having that inner strength and passion to improve yourself and know that you too have the power to be heard by many, the power to touch the lives of many at least be an inspiration. Or just simply do what I do, JUST BLOG and care not of what other people think, just be happy that you get to have a Little corner in the internet where you can write almost everything your heart desires!!! and by this let me share this thought :

Having a blog is kind of like having your own little corner on the Internet. The situation is comparable to having a room in your parents’ house. You don’t actually own the room and you might even share it with one of your siblings. Nevertheless, it’s your room and thus you make the most of it. You decorate it with stacks of your favorite vinyls, too many posters, some nice and others just to cover the slightly off-white walls (read, advertisements), and bed sheets that almost match those walls.

There it is, really look at it and get an eyeful. Check it for typos and other blemishes and then refresh it again. It’s a space of your own, a sanctuary that you can always run to.. But your blog doesn’t have to be original or groundbreaking… I mean, why should it be? Maybe you just have something important to say or maybe you have something unimportant to say that you just want to hurtle at a sounding board. Write about it, save it.

I don’t have a blog because I want to look back at it and feel a smug sense of superiority. I don’t have a blog because I want to read it to my future children and show them how insightful I thought I was as a twenty something. Far from it, I’m scared to even look at something I wrote a few day’s ago. But it’s good to know that I at least tried to capture what happened, that I left behind a fragment of my life I deemed important enough to save.

Perhaps one day all our blogs will be stored up in a cloud somewhere. Perhaps. If that doesn’t happen, rest assured nothing you upload onto the Internet truly disappears, or so I heard. While that reality is a bit terrifying (think, those high school Prom photos…), it’s also comforting. In a world where nothing lasts forever – friends, jobs, that new waterproof mascara that promised 24 hours wear – it’s nice to know that we’ve achieved some semblance of permanence.:) and a big AMEN to this..:)


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