CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?????hahahahaha,kidding!

I guess when you have nothing to say, because so many things are going inside your mind lately, what you simply do is get a camera, pose, smile and take a picture. I know you might think vanity is a crime and that you are being too self righteous, but there are just those days when a good self pictorial might cheer you up, and I am having one of those days right now.  ( this is probably the first photo of me ever posted in this blog, and it wouldn’t be the last either,hahaha^__^)

I was thinking of getting a new look and I haven’t had bangs since 2nd yr college, so I did an experiment and clipped my hair to the side to see if bangs would still look good on me. So the question here is ” TO BANGS OR NOT TO BANGS? ” (hahaha, that sounded really wrong) , but anyhow I will just make my post short and quick, The days when you are so down that you just want to rid yourself so much of misery, the cure for that is really a good company, with family or friends or that special someone,etc. , no man really is an island, so go out and have some coffee, perhaps do something stupid, get a new haircut or even try a new look, get some self pampering sessions in the spa or salon or  pig out with your friends, and have fun and be happy, or just take a pretty picture of yourself (that always works!,ahahaha)

When those days come and you feel crappy about yourself, YOU SHOULD:



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