Unravel the secrets of your guy with “The MANual by steve santagati”


Weekends are all about relaxation, fun, friends and spending quality time with the people you love and love to be with. I was strolling down the mall finding something interesting to do, and since I want inspiration, I headed directly to the woman’s section looking for something nice and new to wear, and I noticed this couple arguing, I’m not that nosy and I rarely eavesdrop but from the sound of the couple arguing you cant help but listen and to add more to my curiosity the thing they are arguing about is kind of funny actually, id say it was, but by the looks of the argument it was kind of intense in an awkward kind of way …the girl shouted “why are you mad at me? I told you your haircut is fine, but it just doesn’t suit you at all” . The poor girl obviously didn’t seem to have any clue on what damage she was doing to his guy’s ego, GIRLS girls girls!!, I know we are all honest and upfront on what we want and yes ,we are the new generation women and we speak our mind, but you may want to slow down on the aggression of doing so when it comes to your man. I have read a couple of books that tries to explain the MANatomy of the male species and believe me, I talked to my boyfriend about it and he tells me there is no way anyone can explain what goes on in their brain, I was about to believe him, almost!! but being a curious person that I am, I stumbled on this really interesting book, plus the author himself is a real and true bad boy and did I ever mention he was also really good looking?. So going back to the arguing couple if that girl had just read steve santagati’s book “THE MANUAL” she wouldn’t be throwing those sort of comments to his man. Just to give you an overview of my fave part of the book It would have been GUYS WEAKNESSES. I have read on one of its chapter’s that a guy’s no.1 weakness is his HAIR, I would agree to this since I know a couple of guys who are more vain than girls when it comes to their crowning glory,one of their greatest fear is becoming bald( I’m afraid of getting bald too, I mean its normal if your human right?), next on the list is the size of their penis, which I really don’t want to discuss any further, for now lets just keep it light and I am  determined in keeping decency to my blog for now,hehehe ;),but I am open in discussing such topics in the near future, and lastly they are insecure of their  HEIGHT, lots of girls prefer  a Tall and good looking guy, who wouldn’t right???, its so manly and sexy, but I am indeed an exception to that, cause I prefer the not so tall  type of guy, I am even in love with one, well height is not an issue to me at all, cause I  find it really attractive when a guy is not as tall as a tree if you know what I mean (I just dont like looking up all the time, its bothersome!). So to give you a cliche of my topic, you don’t need rocket science to explain why these are the areas guys are most insecure of, well compared to us girls this list is kind of short, so this book really will not tell you a bunch of research or whatsoever if that’s what your expecting. Its all about honest facts and personal experiences of a real BAD BOY, so if your guy falls into the bad boy section this is a good read. I don’t believe in the saying “IGNORANCE is a bliss” , I say knowing things like this is a big help in keeping the man you love, I know that each and every person is unique but having insights to facts like this wouldn’t hurt you at all,it might just help you deal with your guy with ease and less tension. To wrap it all up, Id like to share this quote cause it suits my topic “A great relationship is about two things, first, find out the similarities, second, respect the differences. ” we were made different from each other but that even makes life more interesting, too much similarity is a complete boredom, so give the book a chance and  I do hope you’ll enjoy reading it just like i did..:))